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The Renegade Story

Renegade Outdoor got its start as many companies do.  With a problem.  Our founder and luminary, was browsing products on the internet, searching for the perfect backpacking saw.  He wanted something ultralight, but able to handle medium size cutting jobs.  It also had to be simple to use and not take up a lot of space in his pack.  Oh, and it couldn't require mass manufacturing special hard to make mass manufactured components that require huge orders, huge investments, and shipping halfway across the world.  What he came up with, was the Micro Lite saw.   Able to use any jigsaw blade from a hardware store, he could customize the length from 4" up to 12" by replacing the blade.   This was the genesis for the idea that became the Micro Lite saw

The Name
Renegade Story - cont.

But as he was working on this idea for himself, he had a couple key realizations.  It seemed that a lot of outdoor gear companies spent more time on marketing then on the performance and innovation of their products.  He also learned a lot about unorthodox ways of bringing things to market with a  budget and manpower that was a tiny fraction of was a traditional product launch requires. 

P.S.  Every photo on this site was taken by us, on our own adventures

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