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The 10g is the result of an experiment to create the lightest, sharpest knife possible, while incorporating a blade and grip large enough to be useful for a variety of tasks.   The 10g Knife is an astonishingly light 9.5g (1/3oz)!  Which makes  it one of the lightest knives in the world with a blade length over 2".  The surgically sharp stainless steel blade is 2.3" long, and is paired with a durable Anti-Slip Nylon grip and black stainless steel hardware for use in any environment.  The  razor sharp clip point style blade makes the 10g a precise and versatile blade for backpacking, hiking, Every Day Carry (EDC), etc.  Replaceable blades means you can always have a razor sharp edge without the need for sharpening.


Ideal uses:

Medium to light duty camp, craft, and survival tasks.  The 10g  knife is good for everyday activities like cutting rope or cord, processing small game, camp food prep, tinder prep, opening packages, precision crafting and bushcraft work etc.   It also makes a great addition to a survival kit or EDC kit where space and weight are at a premium.  Because the blade is a surgical stainless steel scalpel, it can also double as an emergency scalpel for EMTs or Combat Medics.   The thin 1/4" profile and lite weight seems to practically disappear in a pocket and makes for a great lightweight blade for any outdoor or indoor adventure.


Product Specs: 

  • Only 9.5g!!  (1/3oz)

  • 2.3"  (60mm) blade length

  • 5-1/8" (130mm)  overall length

  • 1/4"  (6.4mm)  width

  • Skeletonized blade cover 

  • Replaceable Stainless Steel scalpel blade.  Wicked sharp

  • Comes with 2 blades, one in the knife, and one spare.

  • Materials:  Anti-Slip Nylon with stainless steel hardware and blade

  • Lanyard hole

Limited Lifetime Warranty  


Out of Stock
  • Ultralite knife

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