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The UltraFire Knife is an ultralight knife specifically designed to incorporate the two most essential parts of any survival, EDC, or emergency kit:  A good blade, and a firestarter.  


The blade is a standard utility knife blade, and the unique blade clamp exposes nearly the entire blade length. This provides over 2-1/8 inches of usable cutting edge. The blade cover incorporates a firesteel rod which generates sparks that burn at 5,500 degrees to quickly and easily ignite tinder.   The grip and blade cover are made from lightweight durable Nylon with a textured non slip surface for a sure grip in any conditions.   


Weight- 18.9g 

BladelLength 2.15"

Grip length 2.375"

Overall length 5.45" 

Ultra Fire Knife

SKU: KNF-201-UF1
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